Practice Areas

I have the tools to practice in a wide variety of areas. I have subscriptions in numerous practice areas, am a member of multiple practice organizations and have a personal library of over 5,000 legal volumes. I receive approximately five times as much training as I am required to by the State Bar Association and have given presentations to lawyers on a wide variety of subjects.


I have worked successfully to help many people facing crushing debt, have helped structure arrangements to help people save their homes and intervened to stop imminent legal judgments. There are 2 main paths to bankruptcy, Chapter 7 which offers complete forgiveness and Chapter 13 which sets a program of repayments. Both are designed to give you a fresh start and to end the harassment of creditors. I will work with you save as many of your property and assets as possible and to give you a fresh start.

Thank you for visiting my site. If I can serve your legal needs in any way, please contact me. I offer discounted rates for consultations.

Consumer Law

I have been successful at getting predatory creditors suits dismissed, gotten hospitals to halt their collections actions, and gotten dealers to accept the return of lemon automobiles sold “as is”. I will work with you to assess your situation and see how we can get you fair treatment.

Criminal Law

It’s terrifying to be charged with a crime. We’re taught this is what happens to “bad” people. You want to explain your side, and this is exactly what police and prosecutors are trained to exploit. I have handled hundreds of criminal cases and have successfully defended everything from charges of petty theft to charges of attempted murder. I will work with you to try to get you through the system as cleanly as possible, and get you your life back.

Family Law

Nothing can be as excruciating as the loss of family and the hopes and dreams that go with it. Tensions run high and the amount of contention can be greater than in a murder trial. This is exactly the time you need a cool head to help you sort through things. Because of my training I can work collaboratively with both parties. I am also capable of aggressive litigation and have achieved results other lawyers thought were at best unlikely.

Collaborative Divorce

As someone who is drawn to thinking outside the box, and getting the best results for my clients, I’ve become a trained Collaborative Divorce Professional. I encourage any one considering divorce to explore and educate themselves on this process.

Collaborative law is a process that was started by people who realized the legal system often wasn’t working, especially for families going through divorce.
• The law can be a brutal instrument.
• It is designed to force one or more parties into submission.
• It creates conflict.
• It often rewards bad behavior including lying and concealment.

In this swamp, those advocating for you and making the decision are going on limited information. No lawyer will be as familiar with your needs and your child’s needs as you. Any judge who is making life changing decisions, will see less of the case than your lawyer.

As those getting the divorce are still bound together through the lives of their children, this can all have tremendous and horrible consequences.

Collaborative Divorce side steps that part. The people going through the divorce agree to work together to come up with effective long term solutions

Instead of expensive Court battles, those going through the divorce and those working in their team, sign an agreement to stay out of Court and work together on a settlement. This process is guided by 2 lawyers, trained in mediation and the collaborative law as well as a team of professionals including a coach for the parties going through divorce and a coach for their children.
• Everything said is confidential per the written agreement.
• The team then works to give all parties the best possible transition.

If you’d like to know more about Collaborative Divorce, give me a call, and we can set up an appointment.

Landlord Tenant Law

Our office provides quality representation to tenants and landlords. Both have rights that must be respected under RCW 59.18, the Washington Residential Landlord-Tenant Act.

Freedom of Speech and Civil Rights

I have helped dozens of groups obtain permits and successfully complete demonstrations. I was part of establishing the law with the Washington Patrol permitting the holding of banners over freeways. I have argued for emergency relief, including in Federal Court, and have successfully defended many demonstrators from criminal charges.

Foreclosure Defense

I will work with you to get an honest assessment of your situation. Our State Laws guarantee you the right to meetings with your creditors and Mediation if you act timely. I have a high success rate in helping people save their homes, and proving that people who fell behind in their payments are good risks. I have given educational presentations on this subject to multiple Bar Associations and have written on this, including for Trial News. I have also filed successful emergency motions which have stopped sales and am familiar with Federal Bankruptcy Laws.

Marijuana Law

I have represented hundreds of medical marijuana patients, and have been able to get law enforcement to return seized marijuana. I have interfaced successfully, with City, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement. I was responsible for a policy change from the federal government that ended federal prosecution of small amounts of marijuana. I have also provided legal information and legal support to multiple marijuana businesses in Washington State.

Public Records and FOIA Requests

I can help you get access to records. I have skills learned not only as an attorney, but as an investigative journalist and legal investigator. I have used access to public records to settle disputes early, and to win litigation. I have presented on this subject to lawyers and members of the public.